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Monday, March 1, 2010

What's a RESNET?


What’s a RESNET? You’ll probably be hearing more about it in the years to come, or not. Or not because RESNET is an organization that nationally oversees the development and administration of residential energy analysis software that provides your home with a HERS rating (“home energy rating system”). Actually, it’s a HERS rating you’ll either be hearing about or you’re already familiar with it.
RESNET’s (Residential Energy Services Network) mission is to ensure the success of the building energy performance certification industry, set the standards of quality, and increase the opportunity for ownership of high performance buildings. RESNET is a 501-C-3 non profit organization.
A HERS Index of 100 represents the energy use of the "American Standard Building", or an average home, and an Index of 0 means that a proposed building uses no net purchased energy (a Zero Energy Building). You’ve probably heard the term Energy Star, developed by the Department of Energy. Presently an Energy Star home has to meet a HERS rating of 75. Although the HERS rating is not perfect, it can be used to measure the energy impact of specific changes to a given home. For example, if a solar water or upgraded AC equipment is added, the energy savings can be quantified.
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Jeff Good
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