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Monday, January 18, 2010

Community Gardens

Residents of Lee County who have wanted to start gardening but either lacked the space or know how, or both, will now have the opportunity, thanks to the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department. The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation, in association with Lee County Parks and Recreation, recently announced the creation of the Community Garden of Lakes Park, which is the first phase of the Lakes Park Botanic Garden. The Community Garden will be comprised of fifty-three (53), 4’ x 8’ raised garden bedsin a sunburst arrangement.

Beds rent for $50 annually, all proceeds will benefit the Lakes Park EnrichmentFoundation and will be re-invested back into Lakes Park. Parks and Recreation is refering to it’s garden plot renters as “Local-Vores”, a.k.a. community citizens wishing to cultivate produce or flowering species within the Community Garden of Lakes Park. This is a progressive concept to revive the practice of growing produce and plantings close to home. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to jump into this activity. Each Community Gardener will be required to sign an agreement, to uphold the regulations of the Community Garden, namely restrictions on the use of pesticides and fertilizers, pledge to maintain the Community Garden plot and attend quarterly meetings/classes. Gardeners will supply their own tools and plantings.

Volunteer Garden Manager Austin Tincher will direct sign-ups and operations. Call (239) 533- 7529 or e-mail Applications to lease a garden plot are also available at the LPEF Web site, Classes, demonstrations and other opportunities will be available to registered gardeners.

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