Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What is Serenbe? It is a funny name. Evidently the developers, restaurateurs Steve and Marie Nygren of Atlanta thought it fit their concept of an ideal community to be built south of Fulton County, Georgia, in Palmetto.
Serenbe is in the middle of the 40,000 acre Chattahoochee Hill Country and the owners were obviously determined to make a statement about showing how this area can be home to many and still be preserved. The idea was to preserve 80% of the open space, create and environment where the residents could be part of an active sustainable community centered on the local environment, live in close proximity to forests and community gardens, and be part of the Nest Concept. What’s this? How about downsizing with a brain.
“The ‘Lew Oliver Nest’ cottage is not simply downsizing, it is a lightening up, bringing about an increase in quality of one’s life,” said Lew Oliver. “Simple living patterns and increased leisure time are consequences of life in a Nest house. All of the luxuries found in the McMansion are found in the Nest Cottage, only much more efficient, green, and up-to-date, without the overwhelming maintenance and mortgage associated with the typical house,” added Oliver.
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So plan a road trip. See what else is out there. But does this idea sound familiar? How about applying this concept of creating a small sustainable community (a nest) in close proximity to existing growth areas? How about downsizing with a brain? Aren’t we all ready for a change in how we live and our attitude towards our community? Think globally but act locally? Creating a small “nest” is a lot easier that the usual multi-hundred PUD. How about areas of Florida? Check out Sea Glass on Sanibel.

Jeff Good
Benchmark General Contractors, Inc.

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